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Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of environmental toothbrush
- Mar 01, 2018 -

Product advantage

Production technology: domestic toothbrushes are at a low level in production, technology and equipment etc., some domestic enterprises to occupy the market, spent heavily in the introduction of equipment, but the lack of technology digestion, in a certain period of time, the product is no longer an advantage, enterprises have to re introduce advanced equipment, enterprises in the introduction of equipment at the same time, the production cost is greatly improved, if not actively absorb technology, enterprises will be difficult to develop. At present, Chinese toothbrush enterprises in upgrading the choice, and can represent a new generation of Sanxiao toothbrush enterprises.

Domestic toothbrushes are imported on main materials. Since 2000, the international oil price has increased rapidly, which causes the cost of toothbrush manufacturing to rise, and the profits of enterprises decrease, which will further affect the development of enterprises. In 2008, the economic crisis swept the globe. Now, trade protectionism is rising. Many low value-added products in China are subject to anti-dumping investigations. The export of Chinese products is more and more difficult. Environmental toothbrush, which can minimize the consumption of resources, can reduce the production cost of enterprises, and at the same time, can also reduce the burden of consumers and maximize their value. The common toothbrush has formed a complete production and sales chain, the operation of the market is already quite mature, in addition to the common toothbrush already accepted the concept of consumption, consumption in a short period of time will not much change, so the ordinary toothbrush has a large number of consumer groups, the production scale is larger than the environmental protection toothbrush.

Product inferiority

Consumers do not have a general understanding of this product, and it is difficult for people to accept the concept of consumption in a short period of time. However, environmental toothbrush adopts advanced technology, exquisite packaging and high quality, but the domestic consumer is not necessarily acceptable because of the influence of the consumption concept. At the same time, the environmental toothbrush has not yet formed a fixed brand, and many consumers who prefer to use the brand will not choose such products in a short time. The main disadvantage of ordinary toothbrushes is that they are not environmentally friendly, and the value of resources is not maximized. The consumption of ordinary toothbrushes is not in line with the purpose of building a resource conserving society.

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