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Do you know the right way to brush your teeth?
- Mar 01, 2018 -

Vertical brush method

Is the tip of the toothbrush tufts on the junction of the gums and the crown along the direction of the teeth slightly pressurized brush down brush when brushing the teeth brush up the teeth brushing inside and outside and the occlusal surface to brush . In the same place to repeatedly brush several times. This method can effectively eliminate plaque and soft dirt, and can stimulate the gums, gum shape to maintain normal.

Fibrillation method

Refers to the bristles brushing teeth and teeth into a 45-degree angle, so that part of the toothbrush bristles into the gap between the gums and the tooth surface, the other part of the tooth gap, back and forth to do a short distance fibrillation. When the brush bite face, the bristles should be flat on the tooth surface, for a short distance before and after the vibration. Each site can brush 2-3 teeth. The inside and outside of the tooth brush on the net. Although this method is horizontal brush, but because it is a short horizontal brush, the basic level in the original horizontal vibration, with a substantial horizontal brushing compared to the teeth will not damage the neck, it is not easy to damage the gums.

Physiological brushing method

Refers to the top of toothbrush hair contact with the tooth surface, and then gently brush towards the gums. This method acts as a gentle stimulation of food through the gums and promotes blood circulation to the gums, helping to keep periodontal tissues healthy. In short, brush your teeth to move gently, do not force too much, but to be repeated many times. To brush each side of the tooth, especially the most post-molars, toothbrush must be inserted into the brush. If you combine the above methods used in several ways, the effect will be better. Brush each tooth, if not assured, you can also look in the mirror to see if it is clean, and only seriously, to ensure the effectiveness of brushing.

Before brushing teeth, toothbrush do not wet the water, do not gargle with water, water will reduce the friction of the teeth toothbrush toothpaste, brushing the best use of warm water (water temperature of about 35 ℃ water) to brush your teeth.

The correct way to brush your teeth should be toothbrush and teeth were 45 degrees, light brush up and down, light brush before and after occlusion of teeth, brushing each brush position should be at least 10 times light brushing time for at least 3 minutes, so as to be completely effective To remove oral bacteria, for some difficult to remove the site can also be used mouthwash and floss with cleaning. Hu Xiaomin said: "brushing your teeth at home can look at the time, if brushing time is too short, the brush is equal to white brush."

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