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How soon will the toothbrush be changed
- Mar 01, 2018 -

It can be changed for three months. Many people are living in the oral problem is not very highly, have neglected "Disease enters by the mouth." this problem, but the trust this truth most clearly, but confirmed the truth of the matter, many people mistakenly think that as long as one hundred percent of the 70 pay attention to oral hygiene, daily brushing time, regular cleaning, washing hands can avoid Disease enters by the mouth. Even without the wound, the number of bacteria attached to the teeth, and chewing food and fully mixed, will enter the body, to drink 9 cups of water. Every 15 days, disinfect the toothbrush with a harmless disinfectant for the human body. But I do not know that everyone is neglecting a little bit of close, whether our toothbrush is still clean and tidy every day. While the body board resistance force low and do organ transplant surgery, the best month for a new toothbrush; a special case, also need to consider the problem as early as possible to change the toothbrush, such as cold disease after the cold period, the toothbrush after brushing because there are a lot of cold related and retained viruses and other bacteria, it should be abandoned old toothbrush to prevent viruses, bacteria "rally".

So we should know now many knowledge at the end of the toothbrush, then see if your toothbrush is clean, whether immediately change new demand finger toothbrush toothbrush! In order to myself and my family body health do you arrive? I wish you a good health.

When it comes to the cleanliness of the toothbrush, we will think about how long the toothbrush needs to be replaced once in the end.

How long will the ordinary toothbrush take at the end of the brush? It depends not only on the quality of the toothbrush 's hair, but also on how to make and take care of the toothbrush.

Because of this, after the The Fourth Military Medical University stomatology school, the strategic cooperation alliance was built at the core of plant application research at the south of the Yangtze River Medical University. In view of the problem of oral cavity inflammation, oral cavity cocci and so on, the use of bamboo charcoal fiber composition, especially the transparent crystal toothbrush made by ourselves, has unique and special moisture-proof, antibacterial and whitening effects.

By dental examination, the number of cocci was up to one million for 3 weeks. The number of cocci was over 9 cups, and the amount of 29 single coins was 80 times that of the toilet. If you have injured oral broken places, these bacteria will take advantage of daily brushing machine, through the gingival mucosa, oral mucosa rupture does not stop many people to enter the territory of the human body, therefore caused gingivitis, stomatitis and pharyngitis, chronic enteritis, sepsis, septicemia, rheumatic myocarditis kidney disease and inflammation.

Similarly, the cleaning of toothbrushes is also very tight. Senior experts pointed out that before applying the new toothbrush, scalding it in hot water can soften the brush and kill the germs. Three months to change a new toothbrush, toothbrush to ensure clean health. Just now what situation of children in the market sell the toothbrush, use 1-2 months or not can change the brush bristles of the toothbrush is bent, or hair, and easily infected with Staphylococcus aureus. Often after brushing, be sure to wash clean the toothbrush in the river, in a dry place, at the head of the toothbrush, and every three to five days with vinegar soaked in water using a toothbrush, 7 days later, it made neat white cotton yarn line at bottom of the cleaning brush.

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