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​How to choose a suitable toothbrush?
- Jun 11, 2018 -

How to choose a suitable toothbrush?

To choose a toothbrush depends on two points, first look at the brush head, then look at the bristles.

The larger the brush head, the larger the coverage area and the higher the brushing efficiency, but the places where the corners of the teeth are located may not be painted. The smaller the brush head, the cleaner the finer it is and the higher the brushing quality, but it may take 2 to 3 minutes to swab the mouth. It takes 5 minutes to brush. For most people, it may take only 1 minute to be too long. Therefore, the choice of brush head should follow a principle: try to choose small head, but not too small.

How small is that suitable head? Compare with your own teeth: The length can cover four teeth, and the width is not more than four rows.

Whether the bristles are bristles or furs is also a problem. Bristles are too hard to clean, but they can easily damage the teeth and gums. The softer the bristles are, the better the protection of the teeth, but it is not easy to clean the tightly attached plaque on the tooth surface. How soft is that suitable softness? Here is a method to observe the bristles of the bristles. Compared to the bristles with flat heads and pointed bristles, the round bristles have less mechanical damage to the gums, so when choosing a toothbrush, you can choose a relatively rounded rounded tip.

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