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How to protect the toothbrush
- Mar 01, 2018 -

1. The harm of bacteria on the toothbrush

American dental experts told people used toothbrush for testing, found a new toothbrush to buy only will use the propagation of Candida albicans, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria after 3-4 weeks, these bacteria every day by people brushing directly into the oral mucosa, for a long time, chronic pharyngitis, stomatitis other diseases. For people with low immunity, severe patients can have rheumatic myocarditis and nephritis and other diseases.

2, 3 weeks after the toothbrush is a bacterial concentration camp

Dental experts pointed out that toothbrushes usually produce pollution for about 30 days. The number of bacteria is as high as one million, which is equal to the amount of bacteria in 9 cups of rag cloth, which is equal to the amount of bacteria in 29 dollar coins. In peacetime people do not pay attention to disinfection, in the wet environment often make rapid propagation of bacteria, instead of causing bacterial infection in the mouth, it is extremely unfavorable to the human body.

In life, very few people will do a toothbrush every month. Some people use toothbrushes for a long time, not only can not clearly understand oral bacteria, but carcinogen nitrosamines form, causing severe oral cavity, which has stimulated oral cells for a long time, leading to oral cancer.

3. Two toothbrushes can be replaced when the flu is high.

Because toothbrushes are often in damp state, pathogens are easy to breed and reproduce. Experts suggest that toothbrushes can be kept away from damp bathrooms, especially in the high incidence period of influenza. Two pairs of toothbrushes are ready to be used alternately sooner or later, which can effectively prevent infection caused by wet toothbrush. In addition, because every corner contact toothbrush teeth and mouth, many bacteria hidden in the gap, should be regularly cleaned and replaced, available to disinfect the toothbrush disinfecting cabinet, or the toothbrush is stored in hydrogen peroxide, experts recommend the best every two months to replace a toothbrush, avoid to the human body caused by health threats.

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