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How to select children's toothbrush correctly
- Mar 01, 2018 -

Because children's teeth are different from adults, it is necessary to choose a special toothbrush for children. So, how much do children need to use toothbrushes? How to choose a suitable toothbrush for children?

1, fur: General toothbrush hair flexibility is relatively soft, medium and hard three levels. Choosing a toothbrush for a child must be a soft silk toothbrush, because the child's teeth and gums are tender and easy to be hurt.

2, small head: Children's toothbrush brush must be small and flexible to move up and down in children's small mouth, so that each tiny location can be brushed.

3, rough handle: the child's hand is not flexible enough to handle is not easy to grasp the child.

4, clean: after the toothbrush must be used in time, thoroughly clean, or the use of a period of time, the toothbrush will keep a large number of bacteria.

5, update: the toothbrush is usually replaced about 3 months or so. If the brush is bent or shedding, the toothbrush should be replaced immediately.

Reminder: children because of age is too small, can not be completely out of toothpaste toothpaste for children, or because of sweet taste, easy to swallow toothpaste, and swallowing fluoridated toothpaste can cause the child's fluorosis, so the children under the age of 4 does not recommend the use of fluoride toothpaste should be used fluoride free toothpaste for children or dental agent.

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