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The history of toothbrush
- Mar 01, 2018 -

1498 Ming Emperor Xiaozong invented the toothbrush.

Long ago, human ancestors gargle, brush their teeth habits. In 3000 BC, the Soviet Union, the United States Ursuline caste in the king had found the earliest tools used to clean the mouth - dental sticks, one can spend two weeks. In ancient Greece and Rome, people made toothpaste to clean their mouths with animal ashes. Some primitive tribes cleaned their teeth with charcoal, salt water, sand and branches. The end of the broken, made of brush-like, used to clean the teeth and brush your teeth, called Miswak, is a natural toothbrush, according to scientists, this branch containing fluorine and saponin, can prevent tooth decay, and analgesic effect .

Chinese understand the importance of protecting their teeth more than 2,000 years ago. "Shi Ji warehouse public" in the cause of tooth decay caused by the reason is "food and not rinse." In "Book of Rites": "Chicken Chu Ming, salty cough" shows that people have the habit of gargle. Ancients clean the mouth and teeth with fingers and switchgrass. Dunhuang mural "Lao Tuxiu Tou map" painted a monk, squatting on the ground, his left hand holding a mouthwash bottle, his right middle finger 揩 anterior teeth. In the Tang Dynasty, people made willow brushes, dipped in syrup. Song Dynasty, some people advocate the morning and evening with Willow twigs twice a day, the official term of the "toothbrush" in the Yuan Dynasty, Guo Yu poem in the cloud: "South Island toothbrush on the first day, dirt scruples a gold." Characters with toothbrushes, most people still use willow branches, and Chinese herbal medicine developed teeth teeth brushing teeth, according to archaeological discoveries, more than 1,000 years ago in our country two ancient bones unearthed in the Toothbrush handle.

When a new century was to appear on the horizon of mankind in 1498, the Chinese emperor invented a toothbrush. A check Epoch, 1498 is under the Ming and Xiaozongzhi, that is to say, is the Ming Emperor Xiaozong Emperor invented the toothbrush. That toothbrush is made of bristles embedded in the bone. Toothbrush once come out, after a long time, spread to Europe, and where popular. However, toothbrushes are expensive to produce, and only the princes and nobility can endure it. The general public can only envy one side [2]. It was not until the 1830s that DuPont started making synthetic fibers (nylon) and the new generation of brushes made of nylon was born. The toothbrush then became a staple and flew into the homes of ordinary people. This shows that our country has a similar modern toothbrush 600 years earlier than Europe.

Toothbrush was first invented in London by the British cobbler William Ellis in 1780 in Europe. William Alis was arrested by the authorities in London for his conviction to incite disturbances and later returned to the notorious New Gate Prison. Unlike most prisoners, he is good at thinking about problems with his own brain. One morning, he was scrubbing his teeth with a small piece of cloth in the usual way. Suddenly a thought broke into his mind: If brushing the teeth with a small brush is more convenient and effective than rubbing the teeth with a cloth What? When he had dinner, he secretly put his bones back into his own cell and took some bristles to a very friendly guard. This night, he grinded the bone into a thin rod, drilled some holes in it, and then inserted the tufts of bristles into the holes and trimmed them neatly. In this way, the world's first toothbrush was born in prison. After leaving prison, Ellis set up his own toothbrush factory, and he got great success because people are willing to use toothbrushes instead of the original small pieces. Now Alice is still producing toothbrushes.

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