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Tooth yellowing treatment
- Mar 01, 2018 -

1, automatic toothbrush acid bonding method. This is a good treatment of discolored teeth, first with 50% phosphoric acid yellow teeth rubbed surface, then EB composite resin will be thin, and tooth like opaque plastic teeth, pasted on the surface of yellow teeth, this method has the advantages of simple operation, time to complete.

2, 4.5% hydrochloric acid decolorization. It is mainly applied to the enamel teeth.

3. Laser treatment of automatic toothbrush. On the teeth of yellow teeth, a 30% round of red peroxide laser is placed on the tooth surface, and it will be treated for about 15~20 minutes. Patients with no pain, 10 times as a course of treatment, little more than 1~2 courses, 3~4 courses, teeth gradually become white, healthy teeth color.

4, bleaching: using 30% hydrogen peroxide to bleach the yellow teeth, 1 weeks bleach 2~3 times, about 3~5 times can make the tooth back to normal color or slightly white. The success rate of this method is 96%.

5, automatic toothbrush UV light curing ultraviolet light irradiation method. With the painted enamel caries on the tooth surface, and then the light curing device state light irradiation for 1 minutes.

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