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Bamboo Fiber Bristles Or Bamboo Charcoal Bristles
- Apr 25, 2018 -

One of my clients asked me for help.

"We imported some quantity bamboo toothbrushes from China, but from another company in Ningbo last year.


In the last days a claim from one of our customers was sent to us and we sent it to our exporter in China.

The issue was for the material of the bristles - the exporter and we as importer pretend that the bristles are made of

Bamboo fibre, but after burning it looks more as nylon."

From his email. I judgment the supplier in Ningbo is not very professional. Or she was trying to mix the bamboo faiber bristles and bamboo charcoal bristles.Which arew totally two things.

As far as I am aware there are no bamboo faiber bristles on the market in the world. Bamboo faiber is too hard for our teeth.

Bamboo charcoal bristle is a new concept. Which is  Nylon bristles contain charcoal reactive ion.

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