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Bamboo Toothbrushes Are Becoming More And More Popular With People
- Mar 01, 2018 -

With the coming of low carbon economy era, bamboo toothbrushes are attracting more and more attention due to its characteristics of zero emission, environmental protection, green and renewable in its life cycle.

Bamboo brush teeth with bamboo biological fibers, and the inner surface and wave type brush to help clean the teeth, its bactericidal effect, effectively clean the plaque, take good care of the gums, leisurely prevent periodontitis, let us enjoy the pure natural teeth care. The product uses natural bamboo as the main raw material, which has the characteristics of simple design, green environmental protection, natural bamboo fragrance, bacteriostasis and antibacterial and so on. It is especially good to eliminate the odor of the mouth and inhibit the growth of bacteria. The round head brush has been carefully polished, and the oval small brush head is designed for all kinds of people.

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