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Comparison Of Other Green Toothbrushes With Bamboo Toothbrushes
- Mar 01, 2018 -

The bamboo toothbrush, the name is the bamboo toothbrush. Could we use in our daily life toothbrush is made of plastic, but consider the toothbrush is the day we each have to use a toothbrush, about three months to replace one, there are so many people on earth every year due to light toothbrush there is a lot of plastic waste. Plastic is not easy to degrade, which makes a lot of pollution to the environment, and it is also very troublesome to deal with them. So now all kinds of green toothbrushes have been invented, of course, the bamboo toothbrush is the most important thing to mention.

First of all, bamboo is relatively common in China, so the price of the material itself is not very expensive, which is a very important point. Of course, many environmental toothbrushes have been invented abroad, but they may be relatively new, materials are relatively special and creative, but the price is more expensive, which is not generally acceptable to the public. The bamboo toothbrush is not the same. It has no difference in appearance from the ordinary toothbrush. It only changes the material into degradable bamboo. Bamboo is one of the four gentlemen in China. People generally love bamboo. So many people are willing to accept it. Let alone make contributions to environmental protection. Why not?

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