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Eight Habits Will Hurt Your Teeth
- Mar 01, 2018 -

Eight "ruined" tooth habits do not be fooled

1, hard mouthwash when brushing your teeth

Dental experts in London said the acid and sugar produced during meals temporarily diminished the protective effect of enamel. Brushing teeth immediately after meals is more likely to damage the enamel. Recommended after dinner at least half an hour and then brush your teeth, while avoiding hard mouthwash, so as not to weaken the fluoride toothpaste on the teeth of the protective effect.

2, side chewing

Can make the dental arch to the chewing side of the rotation, so that the mandibular chewing side of the skewed, resulting in facial asymmetry.

3, bite habits

Refers to habitually bite objects, such as the long-term use of a tooth, it will form a small bite at the opening and closing teeth.

4, sleep habits

Sleep often with your hand, fist pillow face or hand care, can lead to maxillofacial dysplasia and facial asymmetry.

5, sucking refers to the habit

The incidence is high, it is in infancy during a normal reflex, before the age of 2-3 can be considered as normal physiological activity, 4-6 years of age should gradually disappear, if continue to appear can be regarded as bad habits. As the sucking finger, the thumb is placed in the top and bottom antecedents is affixed to the front teeth will prevent the normal ally, leading to the closure of the upper and lower front teeth between the circular gap, known as opening and closing, due to long-lasting sucking, the mouth Pressure reduction, coupled with the oppression of the cheek muscles, will make the arch narrow, anterior process of the anterior teeth, lips open teeth, thumb pressure on the hard palate, but also make it depressed, hinder the nasal downward development.

6, tongue or tongue licking habits

This habit often appears in children, children often love to tongue loosen loose teeth during tooth replacement, just erupted permanent teeth or residual roots, which will form the tongue or licking habits. As the tip of the tongue to the top of the anterior, the long run, forcing the teeth forward and outward protruding to form a lip exposed teeth. Sometimes, the upper and lower front teeth can form a prismatic gap, that is, a small open bite.

7, messy teething habit

Children's teeth arranged in very close, usually eat is not easy to insert in the teeth. If the formation of a toothpaste habits, teeth will slowly widen, easy to embed the food in the teeth, the residue of these foods fermented gums will make. But adults can not pick the teeth, pick the toothpick if not hygienic, when the gums in the teeth when the gums are knocked out bacteria directly into the gums cause bleeding problems.

8, swimming mouth open

Experts from the British Dental Association say that chlorine in swimming pools can cause tooth erosion, loss of hard tissue on the teeth, discoloration and sensitivity to the teeth. Swim swim, it is best to brush a tooth or gargle mouthwash.

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