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Selection Of Toothbrush Hair
- Mar 01, 2018 -

The toothbrush with the material of natural bristles and nylon two. The ability of cleaning effect and adsorption toothpaste natural bristles are better than nylon, but it also have deficiencies, it is relatively dry water, slowly, so it is relatively easy to poison. Nylon filament is thin and soft, it can clean the gap between teeth, and has good elasticity, good massage function, plus its wear-resisting and non absorbent characteristics, so it becomes the first choice material for brush.

The bristles have fur, hair, hard hair three. The bristles are pressed on the back of the hand. If there is a tingling feeling in light pressure, it is hard to brush the hair. The excellent brush hair can cause the gingival atrophy and the wedge shaped defect in the tooth neck, and the soft brush can not play the role of clearing the tooth surface. Therefore, it is more appropriate to choose a moderate hardness toothbrush.

The soft and soft handle of the handle is rubber, the hair of the head is nylon, and the American DuPont hair is required high.

Tube brush is made by extrusion moulding method, manufacturing process: granular or powdered plastic injection machine in the barrel heating to soften after the push rod or rotary screw continuous extrusion die (from the shape of the die is the section shape required for the length of the article as necessary), after cooling is the product required. This method is generally used for processing continuous tube, bar or sheet products.

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